Tricalcium Phosphate (sometimes abbreviated TCP) is a calcium salt of phosphoric acid with the chemical formula Ca3(PO4)2. It is also known as tribasic calcium phosphate. Tricalcium phosphate is used in powdered spices as an anticaking agent. It is also used as a nutritional supplement .

Product Tri basic Calcium Phosphate 
Description Complies White crystalline powder about loss
Solubility Complies Complies as IP
Identification Complies AB) Complies as I.P
Acid in soluble Substance  Complies N.M.T. 0.1%
Arsenic 2 PPM 5 ppm Max
Heavy Metals 21 ppm 40 ppm max
Barium  Complies To pass test
Iron 112 ppm 200 ppm max
Carbonate Complies To pass test
Chloride 300 ppm 500 ppm Max
Sulphate 0.2 ppm 0.6% Max
Nitrate Complies To pass test
Reducing Substance Complies To pass test
Proteinous impurities Complies To pass test
Loss in ignition 1.2% N.M.T 8%
MONO calcium And Tri calcium Phosphate Complies To Pass test limit 0.5%
Tri Calcium Phosphate Complies  
Water Soluble Complies  
Substances Complies  
Assay 100.75% 90% to 100.5%

OPINION: The above product is declared as standard quality.